Saturday, April 9, 2011

Holy cow it has been a long time!

I cannot believe I have let myself get this behind in the entire blogging world! I started this blog to track Ava's life! I have not dojib the best job considering my last post was in oct! Since I last blogged a lot has happened! I will recap month by month!

November - The holidays have started and it was rather hard since Josh was not here. We celebrated Ava's first Thanksgiving...however she wasn't into all the food she was just like ok whatever and didn't eat that much! Josh also got moved from Oman(safe) to Afghanistan(not so safe), which was extremely stressful on both of us! It was the first time I was scared for his life it put everything in our life into check.

December - This month was full of emotion! We had her first Christmas which was wonderful because we were with all of our family! We spent Christmas Eve at Josh's parents and then Christmas Day with mine. It was VERY bittersweet, I tried to capture as much as I could so that Josh wouldn't miss a thing. Then came the biggest celebration of Decemeber, Ava's first birthday!!!! Where did the year was hard to believe last Christmas I was huge and very miserable! We had a lady bug themed party and celebrated with our our close friends and family!

Janurary - New Year, which meant Josh was coming home soon! At the end of the month we went to South Dakota to visit my grandparents. Ava did awesome in the car! The trip was fun and relaxing and so much fun!

Feburary - ONE MONTH to Josh until Josh was home fir a visit! I was hoping this month was just going to fly by!!! the only thing exciting in this month was we got a new car!! We got a Honda Pilot and I love love love it!!!!

March - Josh came home March 3rd and it was the greatest thing ever!! When we were at DIA and we saw him for the first time I was just so relived he was standing there!! Ava was like how did dad get here... She knew him as the guy in the computer! We had a lot of fun family time and he got to see how Ava had changed,

When he left Ava was 9 months
- she was walking a few steps alone and walking around pushing things
- her main mode of transportation was still crawling
- her only word was hi and she could wave by
- she only and 6 teeth
- she was still waking up at night twice
- she was eating mainly baby food and having bottles still

When he came home Ava was 14 months
- she runs around no more crawling
-she can go up and down steps like a champ
- she has 12 teethi cluding her 1 year molars
- she enjoys mostly human food and what I make! Yay for inky making one meal!
-she takes naps at the exact same time and goes to bed at 8 and knows when it is time
- she talks was more she goes around babbling
- she says mama dada mommy duck dog puppy cowgirl auntie uncle papa gramama more please ball
- when she is hungry she goes to her Hugh chair and says more
- she gives "love" which I love it is hugs and kisses
- she loves building and playing with her favorite word ball...everything is a ball to Ava

This is a short and sweet update! Sorry there are no pics I am on my iPad and I don't know how to put them on here from my iPad or even if I can! My goal is to update this once a week!

Sunday, October 31, 2010


I hope everyone had a great Halloween! Ava and I did! However we did miss daddy! She was tinkerbell, and she was so cute she wasn't to sure about the wings at first but she got use to it! We went to the pumpkin patch today and she get the perfect pumpkin! The lady also gave her a tiny tiny pumpkin it was just her size! I will have pictures to come...I just have "misplaced" my camera cord! It is hard to believe this time last year I was carving pumpkins laughing at the fact that my pumpkin and my baby belly were the same size! I wasn't ale to hand out candy either :( Ava was sick and she was just needing mommy time. So we skipped the candy and just read some books! It was a fun night! I promise pictures of tinkerbell will come very soon!


Wow I cannot believe I have not posted since July! Where has time gone?? I guess I am just a huge slacker when it comes to this blog!! However, now that Josh is gone for a year and I don't work I will have a lot more time to blog about 'our crazy life'.

Where to begin I have no idea! We were suppose to be in Boston right now...which I would have preferred but instead Josh has left for a year! I will do a month by month re-cap!

August - It was my sisters birthday we all celebrated by going to Olive Garden and then a ice cream cake at my parents house. Ava was 8 months old and she was crawling every where! Oh and the idea of moving away came into play...

September - Josh " I think I am going to apply for a job in Boston"
Me " ok sweetie" I really didn't pay much attention because I didn't think there was anyway we would move.
Josh " I bought a plane ticket I have 2 interviews I leave tomorrow!"
Me " Ok lets pack you and good luck" still thinking it was more for vacation then anything.....
Well much to my surprise he goes gets the jobs and flies me out that sunday ( he had left on a thursday). We found a place to live put the deposit down on it. Well that night I was laying there praying and thinking I didn't know if this was right for us. I love my family and his family dearly they help us so much. We were excited to move don't get me wrong but there was something off about it. We kept praying and sure enough we got home looked at each other and almost at the same time said we don't think Boston is right for us. Mainly because you pay an extreme amount for nothing. Well so his job hunt continued and life was back to normal or so I thought. We also drove to Sheridan, WY to watch my sister rodeo! It was so much fun, we had a fish fry and just relaxed! It was a long drive but it was sure worth it! However the most important thing in September is that AVA TOOK HER FIRST STEPS! Josh and I were so excited! She also had her 9 month check up! She was 19lbs 56th percentile and 30" 99th percentile.

October - Josh came to me and said I think I am going to take this civil contracting job over seas for a year and make a lot of money. I again didn't pay much attention because never in a million years did I think he was going to leave. Well within a week he was going and I wanted to tell him not to so badly but he insisted he wanted to do it for our family (what a great guy i have :)) This all happened between the 1st and the 5th and he was off the 17th. It has been rough on Ava and really rough on me. Yes we can still talk all the time but I wish he was here! We have "daddy time" it is where we look at pictures and I tell Ava that he is over there for our family. It has been long so far but I am hoping it gets easier! birthday was this month as well! I went to the melting pot and just had a great time hanging with Ava and my family!

Ava is growing up so fast I can't believe she will be 1 year soon! Where oh where does time go!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

6/7 Month Updates!

Ava can crawl! She started 2 weeks ago when Josh and I took her with us to Glen wood Springs for our 2 year anniversary! WE had so much fun she loved the hot springs. Might I ad that it was more like a pool rather than a "hot spring". So much as advanced in the little life of Ava since I last posted on here! Like I said she can crawl and now she loves food no more nasty faces! She loves and I mean LOVES sweet potatoes! She also likes rice cereal...which I think is just about the nastiest (if thats a word) thing ever. Yes I try everything I give to her, mainly to make sure it is the right temp!

Ava's 6 Month Stats!

Weight 16.5 lbs 56%
Height 28 inches99%

When she was born they were
Weight 7.5 lbs
Height 20 inches!

I have added a baby picture from when she was first born, then her teddy bear pictures for 6/7 months! Boy does time fly when you having fun! Being a mom is more than I ever hoped for! Every day is an adventure and I just love every moment of it! However, without Josh here to help me I doubt it would be this easy! Through it all we have stuck this out as a team and it has been so rewarding!

Where has time gone...

Well, I just realized that I have not posted in a VERY long time! We have been super busy with life and I just haven't had time! However, with my new work schedule I will have a lot of more time to keep everyone updated! I am going to add a few pictures from May, June and July (my favorites) and then everyone who is family who wants more I will e-mail them. Part of the problem was I like the cable to connect my camera to the computer. However Josh and I just did some "spring cleaning" and I found it! Well, everyone is doing great! Josh is still working at his internship which is going to be ending very soon! He has applied to may jobs in Denver, Tampa, and Boston! He got an interview in Denver and we are hoping that he gets the job. It will allow us to move away but still be close to our family here so that they can see Ava all the time! As far as me I have a new work schedule where I work 7:00am to 12:00pm and it is pretty nice because I have the rest of the afternoon off! However, we do not have air conditioning and it almost makes it so you want to stay at work! Now the person everyone really wants to hear about...Ava! She is great I am not going to say a lot about her right now because I am going to post another blog for her 6/7months!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ava Bug!

Ava can finally sit up all by herself!! It has been so cute watching her try every day to sit up! She is also on this new phase of drinking whatever you are out of a "big girl" glass. It is so darn cute she reaches out for it and then puts her little hands on the glass and then tries to drink. She looks like a dog drinking the water, she sits there and licks it. I will try and get a video of this so everyone can see just how cute it is!

I am still trying to get everything back to normal after our vaca! So when it is all settled down I will get pictures up of our adventure!! It will probably be this weekend!

Ciao for now!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Road Trip!

So I was planning to blog our journey as we went down the road...well it was much harder to travel with a baby than I thought. I had no time at all really to hardly think. So I now we are on the road home she is asleep and I thought I would blog our journey. Oh pictures will be up as soon as we get home!

Packing for this trip what a lot harder than any other trip we had been on because we were traveling in my parents motorhome for almost 2 weeks, and with the little one I had no idea what to bring. So basically I brought everything I think I may need and maybe a little bit more.

DAY 1 - Our journey started Wednesday night, we packed everything up and we headed to Trinidad. It was sad because this was also the day that I had to say goodbye to my good friend Tamara, she was moving back home. Also Josh had gotten home for his trip the day before and I barely got to see him. He was going to fly down on Thursday to Tampa to hang with his friend Ryan, then we was going to meet up with us when we finally made it there.

DAY 2 - We woke up early Thursday morning, our first stop was the Big Texan in Amarillo. It was the hoe of the 72oz steak ( pictures will come of this). If one manages to eat all of this including a 2 shrimp, baked potato, a house salad and a dinner roll, you get the meal for free. It was so large it was disgusting, however there are crazy people out there who like to try. After we left the Big Texan in Amarillo,TX we made our way down the road. We went through Dallas which was always interesting, mainly because their roads are crazy and it hard to get through in our big motorhome. Once we made it through Dallas we stopped in a place outside of Dallas to eat. It was in Canton, Texas and it was called the Dairy Palace and it was supposed to have "world famous" hamburgers and well to be honest it was full of rude people and the food was just ok. Lets just say we wouldn't go back. We finally made it to Shreveport,LA where we ended for the night.

DAY 3 - We again woke up early and were headed for Pensacola, Fl. One our way we went through Jackson, Mississippi, we stopped at a Krystals to eat. Krystals is like a White Castle, they have those mini hamburgers. They are good, however they serve grits there, and so I gave a little try to Ava and sure enough she loved them. Of course she would like something you only really find in the South. I don't even think they carry them at the stores in CO. We then headed to Biloxi where we took a tour of Jefferson Davis' house. It was very pretty and fun to see. We then moved right on down to Pensacola where we stayed the night.

DAY 4 - We woke up and headed for Homosassa Springs, Fl. It wasn't that far from Pensacola so we just took our time on getting there. We stopped and enjoyed the Gulf and just hung out. However, we didn't get in the Gulf because Josh wanted to be there for Ava's first time. We stayed at a campground right on the water and it was really nice we were able to enjoy a nice sunset on the beach.

DAY 5 - We woke up and went to the wildlife reserve in Homosassa Springs, Fl. It was nice it was more like a zoo type place that was for injured animals. It was good to see that they were taken care of. I almost hit a snake with the stroller and I screamed so loud that park rangers came running because they thought something major had happened obviously these guys run the place because no one else seemed bothered. They just let it be, I think they should of moved it because it was right in the middle of the path and it took me a while to get around it. I just hate snakes. After we left Homosassa we went to Orlando to check in at Fort Wilderness in Disney where we were staying. It was exciting to finally make it to Orlando because we got to finally meet up with Josh! Josh rented a car in Tampa and came to Orlando to pick Ava and I up. We were then headed to Vero Beach to stay with his Grandparents for the night. It was a nice drive down to Vero Beach and we arrived at dinner time. His grandparents ordered us some delicious Chinese food and we were able to just hang out and they got to enjoy some time with Ava. It was their first time seeing her and they were excited! It was nice to just finally hang out and relax.

Day 6 - Ava woke up early and woke everyone up as well. She is so funny in the mornings because she loves to just talk. It is so much fun to wake up with her and listen to all she has to say. However this is just at like 6:30 - 7:00 in the morning. Since everyone was up we decided to go ahead and make breakfast. Carmine made some yummy coffee and then went to Dunkin Donuts for some bagels and donuts! He also made eggs and bacon. We were sure spoiled while we were there! It was some good food too! After breakfast we all just hung out and were lazy Josh and Ava feel asleep on the couch, and his Grandma and I went to look at the jewelry she makes. It was fun looking at all of her creations. I was even lucky enough to get a couple of her pieces. Which, I might add that one of the neckless' has shells on it that were shaped like Mickey Mouse and when we got to Disney World everyone kept asking me where I got it. I told them it was a one of a kind! After we ate lunch his Grandma and I headed to Carters Outlet to get some good deals for Ava. We sure got a lot of cute stuff for cheap! You have to love good deals when you find them! We got back and we decided to take Ava to the beach we wanted to put her toes in for the first time. Lets just say she was not a fan, I think it was the loud noise from the waves that scared her. After we got back they again made more delicious food. This time it was sausage from New York! Let me tell you, you cannot find this anywhere but New York and it was so good. After we were stuffed we had to say goodbye and we headed back to Orlando. We got back tat evening and Josh and I took Ava to Downtown Disney just to hang out and walk around the shops. We didn't stay out late because we were going to get up early to head to Disney!

Day 7 - We woke up early got ready and headed to Magic Kingdom! We were super excited to take Ava there for her first time. Even though she wont remember we will! We spent half the day here riding rides and just hanging out. We then headed over to Epcot to enjoy some food from around the world. We would all share one dish so we got to try a variety of things. We ended in England where we went to a pub, and in the pub was a pianist and she was hilarious and Ava loved her! We went back early because all of our feet hurt and we were tired.

Day 8 - We started our day at Animal Kingdom, it was a fun place. We did some rides and went on a Safari. Ava liked looking at all the animals. Her face was priceless half the time. She really just stared in awe. After we saw all there was to see at Animal Kingdom we headed to Epcot to eat at this restaurant the Land. It was good food but boy was it expensive! I honestly don't know how large families survive Disney. After the show we went and got a spot to watch the show they have at night. It is a fireworks show and they light up all the different countries. It was really neat!

Day 9 - Since, the crowds are so bad and we didn't want to stand in line for an hour to get our picture with Mickey we decided to wake up and be at the park at 8:00 to beat everyone there. Well, we got there at 8:00 and rushed to Mickeys House. Well, hat part of Magic Kingdom doesn't open until 10:00 so we went had breakfast and took some pictures of the Castle. At like 9:30 we headed back over to Toontown where Mickey's house was, because we headed they will open it early, and like everything else in Disney there was a crowd of people waiting to get it. They opened it soon after we arrived and we went straight to Mickey, we were only like 5 people back so the line wasn't long at all. We were lucky enough to have Minnie in the room with Mickey! She usually isn't in there but she was! Ava had really not a clue of who they were. It was really funny she just looked at them like what it that. It was really cute. We then headed to Hollywood Studios to meet up with my parents and do some of the rides with them. Then they went to Epcot and we went to the Boardwalk to hang out and relax. After we ate we met up with them to do a ride in Epcot, however when we got there it was having issues. So Josh and I decided that it was best to take Ava back since she had had a long day. We went back and crashed.

Day 10 - We left Disney and headed for Panama City to go to the beach for a little bit. However, we made it there that night so we decided to just stay the night here and wake up early and go to the beach for an hour or 2 before heading back. Ava was so tired from the 3 days at Disney that she slept the entire day only waking up to eat. I felt so bad for the little bug, we decided next time we need to take more breaks.

Day 11 - We woke up and went to the beach. Ava actually liked the beach this time, she played in the sand which was later EVERYWHERE! We were even able to take her into the water. We had to get past where the waves were breaking. She kicked and had a lot of fun in the water. She kept licking us, she liked the salty taste it was super cute. After we were done at the beach we started to get back on the road to head home. We stopped for lunch at Crabs in Pensacola and it was a fun place right on the beach, and it was really good too! After we ate we had to make up some time driving. We made it to Alexandria that night.

Day 12 - Well, this is the current day we are on as I a blogging. We are almost to Amarillo where we will spend the rest of the night just hanging out. We will continue on tomorrow getting home in the afternoon. I am so ready to be home, it was a fun adventure but it was sure long!

As soon as we are home and settled in I will post pictures of our crazy road trip to Disney!