Saturday, April 9, 2011

Holy cow it has been a long time!

I cannot believe I have let myself get this behind in the entire blogging world! I started this blog to track Ava's life! I have not dojib the best job considering my last post was in oct! Since I last blogged a lot has happened! I will recap month by month!

November - The holidays have started and it was rather hard since Josh was not here. We celebrated Ava's first Thanksgiving...however she wasn't into all the food she was just like ok whatever and didn't eat that much! Josh also got moved from Oman(safe) to Afghanistan(not so safe), which was extremely stressful on both of us! It was the first time I was scared for his life it put everything in our life into check.

December - This month was full of emotion! We had her first Christmas which was wonderful because we were with all of our family! We spent Christmas Eve at Josh's parents and then Christmas Day with mine. It was VERY bittersweet, I tried to capture as much as I could so that Josh wouldn't miss a thing. Then came the biggest celebration of Decemeber, Ava's first birthday!!!! Where did the year was hard to believe last Christmas I was huge and very miserable! We had a lady bug themed party and celebrated with our our close friends and family!

Janurary - New Year, which meant Josh was coming home soon! At the end of the month we went to South Dakota to visit my grandparents. Ava did awesome in the car! The trip was fun and relaxing and so much fun!

Feburary - ONE MONTH to Josh until Josh was home fir a visit! I was hoping this month was just going to fly by!!! the only thing exciting in this month was we got a new car!! We got a Honda Pilot and I love love love it!!!!

March - Josh came home March 3rd and it was the greatest thing ever!! When we were at DIA and we saw him for the first time I was just so relived he was standing there!! Ava was like how did dad get here... She knew him as the guy in the computer! We had a lot of fun family time and he got to see how Ava had changed,

When he left Ava was 9 months
- she was walking a few steps alone and walking around pushing things
- her main mode of transportation was still crawling
- her only word was hi and she could wave by
- she only and 6 teeth
- she was still waking up at night twice
- she was eating mainly baby food and having bottles still

When he came home Ava was 14 months
- she runs around no more crawling
-she can go up and down steps like a champ
- she has 12 teethi cluding her 1 year molars
- she enjoys mostly human food and what I make! Yay for inky making one meal!
-she takes naps at the exact same time and goes to bed at 8 and knows when it is time
- she talks was more she goes around babbling
- she says mama dada mommy duck dog puppy cowgirl auntie uncle papa gramama more please ball
- when she is hungry she goes to her Hugh chair and says more
- she gives "love" which I love it is hugs and kisses
- she loves building and playing with her favorite word ball...everything is a ball to Ava

This is a short and sweet update! Sorry there are no pics I am on my iPad and I don't know how to put them on here from my iPad or even if I can! My goal is to update this once a week!

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  1. Wow, it must have been so surreal for your family to be back together and for him to see Ava doing all those new things!